Buy bicycles for various types of rides

Bikes are the all time favorite vehicle for many the people. It is not only eco friendly but healthy also to ride the bike. There is no better way to explore the fun things of the world other than paddling the bicycles. It is used all across the world by the people of all ages. It is used by children for going to school and playing with their friends, youngsters use it for adventure and traveling while the adults use it for traveling and keeping up their health. You can visit Cycling Plaza for buying different types of bikes and checking which are the most trending bikes of the season.

Different types of bikes

There are various types of bikes which are for different purposes. The common types of bikes are road bikes, mountain bikes, comfort bikes, tandem bikes, electric bikes, folding bikes, adventure bikes and many more.  Depending upon your requirements you can pick the right bike for your need.

Adventure bikes

This type of bike is much powerful than the standard road bike. They have specialized tires which are able to run on all types of terrains and have stronger body to tolerate the extreme conditions. Adventure bikes are ideal if you are passionate for doing adventures on the roads or would like to go for mountain trip on bicycle.

Touring bikes have the upright riding position. They are designed in such a way that they are able to carry some loads. Gravel bikes have the geometry which makes it comfortable and faster to ride. It is ideal for the long distance rides. Cyclocross bikes are designed for short distance rides at faster speed. Seat tube angles, steeper head and high bottom brackets are the features of this type of bike.

Features of the adventure bikes

Some of the generalized features of the adventure bikes are as follows:

  • These types of bikes usually have the large semi slick tires. They are designed in such a way that they are suited for the road and non road use.
  • Adventure bikes have the mudguard mounts for both front and rear pannier. It helps in adding versatility to the adventure bikes.
  • For superior modulation and excellent stopping power, disc brakes are used in the adventure bikes. These brakes are such powerful that they can stop the bikes even in the muddy and wet conditions.

Electric bikes are trendy

Electric bikes are ideal for those who do not want to paddle much to ride the bicycle. It is the bike which is assisted by the batteries and makes long distance traveling and climbing on the slopes a little bit easier.  It has a sensor attached to it which enables the rider to adjust the amount of assistance needed from the bike. When the motor is turned off, these type of bikes are little harder to ride as they are heavier.


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