Keep Cutting Away And Have No Fear Of Damage

When cutting harsh materials over prolonged periods of time, a lot of people overlook the simple fact. Saw blades, just like anything else in this world, are going to wear out with time, and what once used to cut through just about anything like butter is going to struggle with the lightest of the materials after some time of use. What little people know, is that the very way they are using their saw blades can make or break their life expectancy. What is meant by this is that if you don’t take good care of the blades, you are most likely looking at a month or two before you have to go out and get yourself a new one. A well-maintained saw blade is going to last you for a long line of months and all it takes a little bit of care.

Reverse them to make sure they last longer

As you already might know, blade maintenance is the key to improving its lifespan and reducing costs by having to keep buying new ones. Although a lot of people disregard this, it really is a topic that matters. The first piece of advice is already going to reduce the risks of your blade wearing out too early, especially if you are using diamond saw blades, is to reverse the blade every now and then. While it might not make a lot of sense initially, it’s important to do this to preserve the sense of equal where on both sides of the blade. If you keep applying pressure to it on only one side, that site is going to oversee more frequently, it’s going to get dull much faster, and if you are going through an especially tough material, it might even break. Reversing them every once in a while will distribute the pressure equally along both sides, therefore reducing your risks of damage.

Even cleaning can do damage

Although you will spend a lot of time lubricating your saw blades, it’s important to remember that you need to clean them, too. Even the way you perform your cleaning can decide how long the blade will last. While you can use your average brand of household detergent just to get the dust, sap and resin buildup off, make sure you don’t use a wire brush to do the cleaning, because it’s going to inflict more damage than you can imagine. A brush is a good tool to help you clean your saw blade, so you can go for a nylon or maybe a brass brush, both of these are equally good options.


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