Lidded trash cans vs. lidless trash cans

Are you stranded on whether to buy a garbage can with a lid or not? Well, having a lidded trash can or an open one depends on several factors. Your placement area will be a key determinant on whether to leave your trash can open or not. Garbage cans come in various designs, therefore, choosing what suits you is paramount.

The following factors should guide you on whether to leave your trash can open or not:

If it is an outdoor can

Chances of animals and people interfering with your waste are very high when using an outdoor can. Leaving your trash can open may not be a good idea. You also have to adhere to the rules of the neighborhood regarding garbage management. It will help inform your decision on whether to have a lidded garbage can or not.

Trash cans in the kitchen

The kitchen is where there is a lot of waste generation. Waste can be unhygienic and may attract a lot of flies. To prevent that unpleasant sight, you may have to go for a lidded trash can especially if you will place it where it is visible. Another alternative is to have a can without a lid if you frequently empty it. This will save you the unpleasant sight and will help keep the can fresh at all time. You also have an option of having a lidded can that you can leave open when cooking or cleaning then close it when you are done to prevent bad odor in your kitchen.

Home offices

Most of the waste going to these can usually are paper waste that is neither unpleasant to look at or produce a bad odor. Having an open can in your home office will be the best alternative since the waste here cannot harm anyone.

Indoor use

Having an open or lidded trash can indoors depend on your personal preference. If the can is visible, the sight may be unpleasant since most wastes are unhygienic. Consider a lidded trash can if you have kids who may tamper with the waste or if you want to ensure that the bad odor remains in the garbage can.

Trash cans for bathrooms and bedrooms

These cans should be lidded, but again it depends on your personal preferences. The kinds of wastes that go to these trash cans are unsightly. To prevent germ multiplication, you should go for lidded trashcans at all times. You can choose the option of step to open lids to ensure that they easily open when using them.

Having a lidded or lidless can depends on your personal preferences, but you should make sure that you maintain personal hygiene. Be sure to check trash that for more insight.

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