Coming Up with an Asthma Action Plan

One way to manage asthma is to stay organized. Have the right medication and accessories to help you stay healthy and avoid attacks. Maintaining perfect control is the best way to keep the symptoms at bay and prevent further attacks. You can have the action plan written out so that you know whether the asthma is under control or not. The action plan also lets you know what steps to take when you realize it isn’t working as required. Here is how to proceed.

Work With Your Doctor

Asthma and its symptoms vary from patient to patient; your doctor knows exactly how your condition manifests depending on your body makeup. You need to have a way of keeping tabs on signs and symptoms and have a record to show when the symptoms interfere with chores and daily activities such as cleaning, work, walking up the stairs, etc.

You might also want to know how often you use the inhaler to relieve symptoms.

Record Peak Flow Meter Readings

You need to use a peak flow meter to track your asthma each day. The device helps you test when the lungs are working properly. If the measurements are lower than usual, the lungs aren’t working as they should. This is a sign that your asthma is getting worse and you need to contact the doctor ASAP.

Know What You Have, and What You Need

You need to document the items that you have for this condition and the ones that you need. One of the items you shouldn’t miss out is an electric blanket. This blanket is ideal for use during the cold months to regulate your temperatures. If you don’t have one, make haste and get one in the right size to help you treat this condition from know that asthma becomes worse when the temperatures are very low. An electric blanket helps keep you warm.

Adjust Medications

The plan should also outline the medications you are using and whether they are effective or not. If they are effective, then you need to document this down. If it is otherwise, you need to try and talk to the doctor so that you can change the medication.

Final Words

Asthma is a condition that you need to handle carefully so that you avoid attacks. Come up with an action plan that details the medications you are using and whether they are working or not. Additionally, make sure you outline what items you have at hand and their role.

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