Taking Advantage of the Instagram Algorithm

If you intend to beat your competitors on Instagram, you have to take advantage of its algorithm, not complain about it. If you wish to know how it works, then just read further as the article will explain to you.

Amount and Time of Engagement

Although it is quite obvious, posts that have high amounts of comments, likes, shares, and views are likely to rank higher on the Instagram feed. When the post receives a positive response, it causes the Instagram algorithm to recognize that the post is of high-quality and that people would most likely want to see them. Thus, the platform will display it for more users.

However, you may also want to look at how quickly your posts will receive engagement. Utilizing trending hashtags can be quite helpful for that, and it is ideal for you to have others respond as soon as possible while your post is still hot. Another method is scheduling your posts during peak hours, so it receives more exposure, and more people will like or comment.

Time Users Spend Viewing Your Post

Another factor that the Instagram algorithm looks at is the time users spend on interacting with your posts. Thus, it is best that you add engaging captions, so more people will interact with your posts rather than just view it. One method of taking advantage of this is call-to-action, such as “Click here to view more” and such. Also, you may try posting videos, since they also increase the length of engagement with your content.

Regular Engagement With an Account

The Instagram algorithm also takes a look at how often others like your content. If someone always responds positively to your posts, then the algorithm shows your content more often for them. In fact, this even surpasses the importance of the number of followers and likes. After all, Instagram here is measuring a user’s preference and showing them the appropriate content.

Other Methods

Besides these three, you can take advantage of Instagram with even more methods. You can search for more tips online as to how you can do that. A recommendation would be https://incomeartist.com/6-ways-get-blog-traffic-instagram/ since he talks about how to get more traffic.


There are various factors that you can take advantage of with respect to Instagram’s algorithms. You can post during peak times for more engagement, add videos so that users spend more time viewing your post, and find loyal followers who often like your content.

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