Kinds of Chopping Methods

Owning a fully-functional kitchen is one of the joys of every homeowner. If you can get the ingredients and come up with a perfect meal for the family using the right equipment and tools, then you need to pat yourself on the back. One of the top accessories you need in the kitchen is a chopper. Today we look at the different chopping methods you have access to.

Rough Chopping

This is where you chop back and forth to end up with large pieces. This method is ideal for chopping piles or vegetables for salad. You can also chop parsley before you can sprinkle it over a dish.

General Chopping

This is the most common method that most people are used to. This refers to ingredients such as onions, celery and herbs. When someone talks about chopping, they are referring to this method.

In the traditional sense, chopping refers to cutting up something into smaller pieces. The end result depends on what you regard as small. Many people chop depending on their preferences.

The benefit of chopping is to make the pieces small enough to add to a cooking dish as an ingredient.

Fine Chopping

This is the most labor intensive of the three techniques on this list. You need time and dedication to nail it. You have to get through the two stages of chopping and still stick to it in order to get this finely chopped consistency. You have to chop over and over until you get the consistency you need. The result is a finely chopped herb or vegetable that is in the smallest pieces.

Why You Need a Chopper

Have you ever tried chopping an onion over and over again just to gain the consistency you need? It takes time and commitment, something that you might not have.

One of the best ways to do this is to have a chopper from MRS foodprep. This is an automatic equipment that chops the herb or vegetable to the consistency you want in a matter of minutes. Your role is to come up with the settings, deciding whether you want rough, general or fine chopping.

The chopper is ideal when preparing these ingredients especially when you have a large number of people to serve.


Your kitchen is your fortress. This is the place where the delicious aroma emanates from and plate upon plate originates from. Make sure you have the right tools to handle food preparation.

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