What To Look For In A Twitter Bot

Social media ranks among the most effective forms of digital marketing and more than half of the world’s population are already on social media. Twitter has marked its space as a platform of few words but with a very large number of subscribers. It was the first platform to use hashtags long before the others picked the idea but is still the market leader in this space. Government agencies, politicians and those in the entertainment space are also using this platform to pass important messages to their followers. The platform can be quite demanding and it is thus important to automate some functions. The following are the things to look for in a bot:

    1. Whether it fits your needs

What do you want to achieve from an automation tool? There are some that are good at scheduling, others are for following and liking posts while some are for engagement. A person who wants a scheduling tool might go for a different tool from one who wants to look for hashtags. Check various reviews from customers indicating the effectiveness of the tools in question. There are some that can perform a number of functions while others are limited to a few.

    1. Whether it is in line with social media rules

Even though social media is less than two decades old, there are rules that govern this space to ensure that people do not misuse it. Twitter has its own policies and you should check to ensure that the said bot observes everything. Some of the things to check are the following patterns, engagement levels and whether it violates any of the terms stipulated by Twitter. Dealing with 3rd party websites has always been an issue especially when the company is just concerned about the money. You risk suffering suspension of your account if you use the wrong bot.

    1. The effectiveness of the bot

Automation is supposed to make work easy but sometimes it can a burden. You should be able to evaluate whether the said bots can reduce the time you spend on social media and you still maintain engagement levels. You can check some automation tools at The Small Business Blog to make a good decision as they review them based on features and price. You should be able to generate a periodic report that shows how your campaigns and posts are performing. Such reports should indicate areas that need improvement for you to come up with a solution.

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