The Domain Name Makes Everything Stand Out

The name of the website is directly related to the domain name you choose. Ask anyone that has a different domain name from the website name and they will tell you how confusing it is for users to relate to the business.

Coming up with a good name can be tough though, because it seems that all the names have been taken, although the web boasts of millions of domain names. This is frustrating because you can try to come up with the best domain name only to find out that it is taken. Continue reading this to see why it is ideal to choose the perfect name.

This means that you might have to reclose the name and check again if it is available or you could opt for a less known domain extension such as .info or .org.

The other option is to buy the original name from the owners. However, this will most likely be very expensive, with some sellers asking for thousands of dollars to sell the name to you.

Choosing the Domain Name

You need to choose the perfect name for the website. The name should give visitors an idea of what you deal with and the aim of the website. You want the name to suit the topic area, and be as memorable as can be.

While having a short domain name can be memorable, remember that some of the most popular names on the web are not necessarily short; instead, they look good and can be easily pronounced.

Third party tools and websites can help you to choose the perfect website name for your needs. Additional resources such as dictionaries and the Thesaurus can help you choose the best site name.

Once you have a name, you can do a quick Google search to see if there is any website that has the same. This is true for websites in the same niche as yours.

To avoid conflicts and other things that might make the name controversial, you need to avoid going with a name that conflicts with registered ones or trademarks.

The Extension

The most common extension is .com, which has been around since the web was born. If possible, try to register the domain using the .com extension. Since this is popular, then it is most likely that you will not get the domain being available. Make sure you confirm before you ask for registration. If it is not available, go for lesser-known TLDs.

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