Accelerate Your Instagram Growth Today

58 greater engagement levels than Facebook sounds amazing, but you need to do some work to reach the level to which the engagement levels make sense to your brand. As a big brand or someone that wants just fame on the platform, it is crucial that you get started on making sure you end up with the highest level of engagement.

You can accomplish this by working on various hacks that make your social strategy great.

Use a Dedicated Hashtag

So you have just created a dedicated hashtag for your brand, what next? Without promoting the hashtag, no one will know to use it to share your content. Although you have placed the hashtag on your profile and in your captions, you also need to take it offline. Have the tag printed on your receipts, ads and even on signage at the relevant events.

If you appear on TV or live video, then direct people to use this hashtag and try and list it on your social profiles. Don’t sit back and wait for people to find the hashtag.

If you are up for hashtagging, then look beyond the single word, obvious hashtags. You might want to use them too, but make sure you mix them up and use location and username hashtags. Remember not to be boring with the hashtags so that you attract the right attention.

Make the Most Out of Your Bio Link

The best thing on your Instagram profile is not your picture – but the bio link that links back to a page or website. Many brands make the mistake of letting their links redirect the user to the landing page of their websites forever, but this shouldn’t be the case. What you need to do in this case is to make sure the clickable link on your bio drives traffic to different yet relevant parts of the website depending on what you are selling.

Take Part in Popular Conversations

Be on the lookout for engaging conversations and try to be part of it. With the right conversation, you make sure you engage with the right people. Make sure you include the hashtags in your captions and conversations so that you get found by potential followers.

Leverage Your Captions

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but you don’t have to skip the words entirely otherwise you won’t get any social ROI from the images you post. Make sure images make sense, and they have a descriptive caption to accompany the image.

You need to make the captions as captivating as possible and descriptive of what you represent on the platform. Don’t worry about your Instagram voice at first; it will improve as you find the voice of your brand.

Optimize Influencer Marketing

Take time and understand the need for Instagram marketing and identify a few influencers that can help you get the visibility you need. You need an influencer in your niche so that you spend money on what is relevant to your needs.

Get Buying!

Another great way to grow your Instagram account is to buy some real followers. The topic has been controversial but get it from us that it is workable. Fred wrote about his experience with this aspect of Instagram growth; make sure you check it out. Buying real Instagram followers gives your account the accelerated growth you have always dreamt about.

In Closing

It takes time to grow your Instagram account to the levels you desire. With the right strategies, you can make your account work for you, and take it to the right levels fast without having to break the bank.

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